High-Level Coaching Container

Work 1:1 with me for a minimum of 12 weeks to remove self-doubt, align with your desires, and step into your full potential so that you can manifest next-level results.

Are you a fempreneur or coach who...

  • Who has the most incredible, bold, BIG desires and dreams for her business and life 

  • Is ready to expand & evolve her container to attract and hold the weight of her desires for her business 

  • Is ready to let go of the excuses, the frustration & disappointment from looking in the wrong places for alignment & results

  • Is ready to fully embody her FULL POTENTIAL, personal power and next-level confidence.

Are you looking to?

  • Experience a new level of self-confidence that you've never had before 

  • Release all negative and self-sabotaging behaviours that have kept you stuck for far too long 

  • Manifest the life and business of your dreams 

  • Call out your own BS and let go of all those self-limiting beliefs 

  • Reprogram your mindset and energy for success, abundance, wealth and self-love 

  • Push past your comfort zone and experience a new-found sense of freedom and fulfillment 

  • Take back control of your boundaries, personal power and freedom

  • Experience life-changing transformations with expert support and guidance 

Why work with me

I have made it my life-mission to help female entrepreneurs and coaches like you finally step into their full potential and manifest NEXT LEVEL results in their confidence and business. 

I combine practices from positive psychology, mindfulness, energy work, quantum physics, and meditation to unlearn and reprogram your entire mindset and energy. It's powerful work that has such a profound effect on every area of your life. 


I know what it's like to constantly doubt yourself and lack the self-confidence to manifest your desires and next goals. I know what it feels like to wake up filled with anxiety, and disappointment before the day has even begun. I know what it's like to spend the majority of your day between a state of frustration and craving your dream reality. 

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and the healing and transformations I've been through over the last seven years is what has enabled me to help other female entrepreneurs and coaches who find themselves getting in their own way and doubting they can have what they want.

Self-confidence, love, acceptance, abundance, success and freedom is possible for you. You just need someone who's walked the walk, and who can support and show you the way forward. 

What we will cover together

  • Identify your biggest confidence blocks, resistance, and self-limiting beliefs 

  • Release you from all negative beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours about yourself and your worth 

  • Reprogram a powerful, successful and abundant energy and mindset 

  • Heal all emotional blocks and triggers creating friction and self-sabotage in your life 

  • Align you with your desires, dreams, and intuition to manifest your ideal life and business 

  • Learn to show up online embody your FULL POTENTIAL and resonate with even more ideal clients

  • Understand and practice the powerful laws of manifestation so you learn how to master the game of having/being/doing ANYTHING you desire.

It's 12 weeks of powerful high-vibe weekly calls where we dig deep into the stickiness of your resistance, what's keeping you stuck, how it's manifesting in your physical reality and we completely up-level. EVERY. SINGLE. CALL. And you also have access to me in-between, because best believe I'm going to be your BIGGEST cheerleader as you rise.

I'll guide you to master the three following principles: 

1. Emotional Intelligence (including self-confidence & self-worth)

2. Powerful co-creation with the universe

3. Mindset & energy OVERHAUL (like next-level sh*t)

These form the foundation for what it takes to embody the next-level version of yourself. The coach who magnetizes her dream clients, who shows up online with an infectious & powerful energy, who has complete trust and faith in manifesting everything she wants. 

This coaching container is calibrated to a powerful energy where you'll experience such a shift in the way you view your business, your life, and most importantly what's possible for you. 

Please only apply for one of these spaces if you are serious about experiencing the above transformations. ​I work with a limited amount of 1-2-1 clients at a time in order to provide maximum results. 

The Investment

The energy exchange for this transformation is either one upfront payment of £2500 or three monthly installments of £875. On your application, please state which payment method best suits you.

Here's what my clients say ...

Amanda - Hertfordshire, UK 

"Megan is amazing woman that radiates positivity and motivation. She's hugely passionate about what she does and has an incredible mission and ethos to empower women through self-belief and confidence to become strong, confident and visible coaches. 

Put yourself in Megan's hands and watch your business soar! 

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