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Swapping the Sunday blues for mid-week breakdowns

I used to think there was nothing worse than the 'Sunday Blues'... Oh how I was wrong.

You know that impending doom after 5pm on a Sunday, knowing tomorrow you'll be sitting at a desk for 7 hours hating your life under the watchful eye of your micro-managing boss. All so you can take home a measly pay check at the end of every month.

I used to always dream of the days I wouldn't have to experience that feeling when I was running my own business.

Well, I was slightly naive/mislead.

Do I get Sunday blues now? No, never. But what most entrepreneurs swap Sunday Blues for are mid-week breakdowns.

You know those days when you:

- Question everything you're doing.

- Wondering if you've made a terrible mistake and that you're not cut out for this entrepreneurial journey.

- Crying because you've had your fifth rejection this week

- Panicking about how you're going to pay bills, buy groceries and go out for your friends' birthday drinks next week.

- Snapping at your significant other because they've asked 'What did you do today? How was your day?'

This is the side of being women in business that so often we don't talk about.

Because we feel embarrassed, ashamed, like a failure? Well, for me at least that's how I felt.

Ashamed because it somehow made me less successful than others, and embarrassed because I felt scared about failing at making my business a success.

The thing is, is that I know for a fact absolutely every women in business has felt like this along their journey. Hell, I STILL have weeks when I experience the above. And that's ok.

Building a business is tough. It requires such a level of determination, drive and courage that some people often think you're crazy.

You're not crazy, you're an entrepreneur.

So here are my survival tips for the next time you're experiencing the ever-so-lovely mid-week breakdown:

1. Allow yourself the space to cry, scream, eat too much chocolate, and nap. There is nothing worse than you experiencing a difficult emotion topped with a side of self-judgment. Be your best friend and support and comfort her.

2. Put down your phone. This is the time when you'll be subconsciously trying to reaffirm your lack of self-confidence, worth, through comparing yourself to your peers on social media. So stop. Recognise this action comes from self-loathing instead of self-healing.

3. Get a change of scenery. Get outside and breath in that fresh air to remind you that you have the greatest gift of all, you are alive. And because you are alive, you will feel. But remember feelings are transient and ever-changing. Reach for the best feeling thought you have available like 'I am still here', 'I am doing much better than I think', 'Everything happens for a reason', 'This too shall pass'.

4. Take some time to consciously tune into one thing you're grateful for, and one thing you're proud of yourself for doing/achieving this week. Shift the energy and focus and in turn this will help you get out of that little funk you've found yourself in.

The thing is, it happens, you're going to have bad days and good days. You're going to encounter challenges and bumps along the way. Your focus should always be on WHY you even started in the first place and on WHERE you're going (that exciting, fun, fulfilling, and incredible vision of your dream life/career).

And in the meantime, if you ever find yourself having one of these days say to yourself out loud 'I am a BOSS.'

You've got this