Calibrate To Confidence    

A transformative 4-week group coaching program for female entrepreneurs & coaches who are ready to unearth their full potential, remove limitations and calibrate to their most confident, abundant & magnetizing higher self. 

- Are you a female coach or entrepreneur who is tired of getting in her own way?

- Do you have big, bold, and beautiful dreams yet always find yourself riddled with doubt and fear?

- Do you feel like you're constantly trying to prove your worthiness, and always asking if you're enough?

- Are you ready to take your message further, speak with magnetism, and lead with confidence? 

   Then this is the program for you!   

Held over four weeks, Calibrate To Confidence is a live group coaching program where I will guide you to break through your limitations, change the way you view yourself & the 'struggles' of growing a business, and help you align with the trust & confidence in yourself which manifests as FLOW and FUN when growing your business.

We will cover the following four topics in depth in each call: 

Week One: Breaking Through Your Limitations 

Get ready to identify all the limiting stories, beliefs, & lies you tell yourself on a daily basis which is causing resistance & frustration in growing your business & showing up as the REAL you. 

Week Two: Owning Your Inherent Worth & Value 

Goodbye feelings of unworthiness, not-enoughness, the voice that says "I can't have that! I can't charge that! I can't attract that many clients..." and learn how to fully embody your self-worth.

Week Three: Releasing The Past To Magnetize Your Future 

Release all the emotional turmoil & suppressed energy that's tied into your past struggles, mistakes, and events so that you can align with your future desires & allow them to come into your reality.

Week Four: Tapping Into Abundance & Wealth

Let's talk about the moneeyyyy. This final and potent session is all about wealth. Your relationship with money, what's causing you to repel or block it from coming in, how to align with your financial goals, and completely re-write the way you view abundance. 

Hi gorgeous, my name is Megs...

I'm a Self-confidence & Mindset coach and for the last several years I've been coaching female entrepreneurs & coaches to align with their full potential & manifest next-level results in the business. 

Helping you bust through ALL the BS lies, patterns, stories & fears you keep replaying in your life is what I do best. I help you to identify why you keep getting in your own way, what to do about it, and then watch as you up-level. 

I've been there. All the dreams, desires, and tireless action. I felt like the hamster on the hamster wheel, so focused on working harder, trying more strategies hoping something stuck, and in the meantime allowing my connection to my higher self dwindle along with my trust & confidence in myself. 

It wasn't until I REVERSED the process, focused on identifying the core patterns, beliefs, limitations, stories & truths that were playing out into my physical reality, and rewiring what I believed about myself and what I EXPECTED in my business, did things shift like MAGIC. 

This program covers all four of the fundamental pillars of calibrating to your next-level self. The woman who embodies all of the dreams, visions & goals you have. 

I can't WAIT to welcome you into this container & watch as you completely transform your confidence AND business. 

   Here is what my previous clients have to say about working with me ...   

   I'm ready I want in!!!   

YAAS! I'm SO excited to have you on board. The investment is also one of the things I LOVE about launching this group coaching program. I've made it super ACCESSIBLE to everyone who is ready to do this deep & transformative work. 



*one time payment



*three installments bi-weekly


What if I can't make one of the calls live? This group coaching program is held inside a private Facebook group. So all calls will be available for you to watch on replay. I will go in each week to keep up with comments, feedback and questions. Obviously it's much more beneficial if you can make the call live, but I also understand sometimes things crop up that we can't workaround. 

How long do I have access to the content in the program? I always give a week grace period after the 30 days are over just in case you want to rewatch some of the training again (I'm ALL for this!). 

When does the program start? This round starts on the 30th May 2020 where we will have an introductory call, and a prep for the 4 sessions ahead. And then every session will be held on the Wednesday of each week. 

Can I ask questions on the live trainings? YESS!! So each session will run from an hour - 90mins and we'll have time for all of your questions. I like to go above and beyond for my clients so if it means we go for over 2 hours just so I can answer all of your questions than that's what we do! 

If you have any firther questions or just want to chat to me through some things first, send me an email on or if we're connected on Facebook or Instagram you can send me a DM xxxx

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