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Creating Confident Female Entrepreneurs 

You can have every marketing strategy in the world, have the clearest grandest vision for yourself and your business... but if you don't believe in yourself and your ability to create the life and career of your dreams, you won't.

So many of us overlook our internal world and the effect our mindset, energy and belief systems have on our external environment. 

If you want to change your reality, you HAVE to invest in your mindset and self-confidence.


From this foundation, everything is possible.

Megan Airey

- Founder of Megan Nicola

Hi Lovely, I'm Megs! 

Self-confidence & Mindset Coach

I help female entrepreneurs next level their mindset, confidence and income by helping them transform their struggles and grow their business and life to the next level. 

In my 1:1 coaching service Strive to Thrive you'll work directly with me through bespoke coaching calls as I guide you through the powerful process of letting go of self-sabotage, healing recurring money fears and low self-belief, and stepping into the next level version of yourself so you can grow your business with confidence, clarity, and ease. 

You're ready for a quantum leap within your business, and to show yourself what you're REALLY capable of creating so that you can impact more lives, and provide yourself with an incredible lifestyle.

I see you, you've got your business off the ground and working with a steady stream of clients. You've always known you were destined to have a big impact in the world, and your heart is telling you you are ready for more. 

You're ready to take things to the next level, but that all familiar feeling comes flooding back again...

Imposter syndrome, fear, self-doubt, un-certanity. You feel stuck! 

God you were SURE you'd already moved past these feelings when you managed to get your business off the ground and leave your full-time job. 

But, it's back, and you feel a little derailed. You've got BIG dreams, a BIG vision and deep down you know you're ready to take that next leap. You just need some help making it all feel that little less overwhelming and scary.

You see, fear, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and un-certaintinty pops up along everyone's journey REGARDLESS of how much money they have in the bank, or how many clients they work with. It's totally normal. 

BUT if not worked through and released, it can keep you in that lukewarm stage of comfort... something I KNOW you didn't come here to experience. 

I truly believe every one of us has a beautiful message to share with the world through our business, but we can stop ourselves short of reaching our full potential. It's easy to have big dreams and an exciting goal, now it's time to put the wheels in motion and make sure it happens. Because there are people in this world who are WAITING to be empowered by your message, and you can't do that from your lukewarm comfort zone. 

You need some help right? 

I have dedicated my entire life to helping driven female entrepreneurs with BIG dreams, just like yourself, get out of their own way, let go of feeling like an imposter, and hit their next income and impact goals for their business. It's all about merging business strategies with intuition, confidence and a powerful mindset. 

Work with me 1:1 through my private coaching service Strive to Thrive which is going to help you let go of your self-sabotage, reprogram your mindset for success, impact even more people's lives', as well as grow your confidence, so you can break through the glass ceiling of limitations and manifest MASSIVE amounts of success and impact. 



My signature 1:1 12-week private coaching service is designed to help female entrepreneurs next level their mindset, confidence and income.

You'll work 1:1 with me to give you everything you need to grow your business and your self-confidence whilst achieving more wealth.



Amanda - Hertfordshire, UK 

"Megan is amazing woman that radiates positivity and motivation. She's hugely passionate about what she does and has an incredible mission and ethos to empower women through self-belief and confidence to become strong, confident and visible coaches. 

Put yourself in Megan's hands and watch your business soar!